Flower Essence Energy's flower essences and aromatherapy essential oil sprays are natural remedies that support you on your journey to restore harmony and balance in your life.


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"I've been using Maggie's Peaceful Pooch (formerly Puppy Calm) for my 14-week old Maltese. When I spray his bedding, within a few minutes he curls up for a nap."

L. Batchelor
Los Gatos, CA

Pet Products
| Pet Communication

I have been giving "Avalanche" and "Cara" the Animal Calm tincture daily. What a difference! Your flower essences worked wonders - we didn't have to give a sedative once - even on July 4th. I'm so glad I tried your Flower Essence Energy products!

S. Dunn,
Animal Communicator

Pet Products | Pet Communication

My puppy is energetic and eager to please but his attention was going everywhere. Using the Yippee Puppy essence helped to quiet his mind and he was able to focus: he is no longer jumping and biting the lead, but is walking calmly next to me.

Lorraine Matherly
Owner of Pet Pals
Discount Pet Food and Supplies
June 2007

Pet Products | Pet Communication

We have a Female Coyote and Dog, her name is Keeper. After using Animal Calm on her for a couple of weeks, I notice she is not as nervous.

Cris Jakubisin,
American Wildlife Rescue
Felton, CA

Pet Products | Pet Communication

Hello Maggie!

The Animal Calm seems to work pretty well! She wasn't quite as ‘freaked out’ in the motor home driving from Santa Cruz, CA to Benson, AZ. Going over the cattle guards made her a little nervous but not shivering, and trying to get under the seat as she had in the past. This is just after 2 weeks, so we are looking forward to an even calmer Willow on our return trip.

Lynda Katz

Pet Products | Pet Communication

My dog’s name is Tuca. For the past 5 years I have treated his allergy symptoms with atarax as prescribed by my veterinarian. Recently the cost of atarax increased substantially and I went in search of other remedies. I didn’t have to look far. Maggie Smith of Flower Essence Energy suggested I try a flower essence formula called “Sneezease”. Tuca is a whole new, 6 year old, puppy.

Since using this spray Tuca’s eyes have stopped watering constantly, he doesn’t seem as pre-occupied with rubbing them and his sneezing has almost disappeared. When I spray the Sneezease on his forehead he looks up at me, sniffs and opens his mouth for the spray. I think he even likes the taste. After 6 weeks of using the spray I find that he only needs it once a week. I am so happy to use this natural product instead of giving Tuca two atarax pills per day.

Thank you Maggie.

Love Andrea, Alexander and Tuca
San Diego, CA

Pet Products | Pet Communication

My daughter lived alone in Tahoe, with her older dog “Page”, she would take her along to work in the wintertime, leaving her in the car during the cold days and walking her every few hours. The dog loved it, but when summer arrived and it was too warm for the dog to stay in the car, so my daughter left her at home. Dear old “Page” would run out her doggie door and miles down the road to find Wendy Rae, she did not want to stay home alone. Next, she put up a wire line between two trees in the shady front yard, with plenty of water and treats. The despondent dog chewed the frame off  the front door; she was one unhappy old girl. I prepared a formula for her to calm her down and make her feel loved. After 2 months of the formula Page never ran away again, she felt loved and happy to be home alone.

Maggie Smith

Pet Products | Pet Communication


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