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Stress Reduction Massage Kit | Inner Beauty Energy Facial Kit | Energy Massage Therapy Kit | Feng Shui Kit

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(4 Sprays, 1 Massage Oil, 1 Tincture)

Cutting edge vibrational therapy incorporating a synergistic blend of Flower Essences and pure botanical Essential Oils, which quickly relax and rejuvenate body, mind and mood! This kit contains Flower Essence Energy Sprays of Fresh Spirit, Clarity, Release and Inner Calm; a tincture of Inner Calm to add to your massage oil; and a Heart Awakening body oil. This is a perfect compliment to any existing Spa Service, as well as Acupuncture or Chiropractic treatments. The entire protocol is included and explained in easy-to-use steps.

Kits come packaged with instructions in an easy carry bag.
Some of the comments from our clients are:

It was extremely relaxing, I fell asleep 3 times ...

I was able to relax much more than my previous massages.

I felt released from my troubles.

Therapists love giving the treatment! A few of their comments are:

I feel like I get as much benefit from giving the treatment as the client does receiving it.

I find I am very centered and calm for hours after giving this treatment.


(3 Sprays)

Contains Flower Essence Sprays of Fresh Spirit, to clean the energy of the room, Release Spray to let go of tension and pain and Tranquility Spray to integrate and ground the massage experience.

These three Sprays create an atmosphere of calm and safety so the recipient can relax and enjoy their massage. For use at home or in the therapy setting.
Therapist comments collected over the last four years indicate how much these three sprays add to their well-being as well as the clients:

My clients are raving about how much tension is released when I use the Release Spray.

One client of five years told me that she has never had a more relaxing massage.

Flower Essence Energy Sprays help to bring the body back in to harmony on an aromatic as well as a vibrational level. Our guests and our therapists benefit greatly.
Stress Reduction Massage Kit | Inner Beauty Energy Facial Kit | Energy Massage Therapy Kit | Feng Shui Kit


(3 Sprays)

Feng Shui is the Ancient Chinese art of mindful Placement. It focuses on Harmony and Balance, which accesses our Creativity and brings Prosperity into our lives. This Kit includes Clarity, Harmony & Balance and Prosperity Sprays to help create a natural flow in our environment.

Clarity Spray turns scattered energy into creative enthusiastic vitality, opening us to the possibilities that are awaiting us.

Harmony & Balance spray will bring us back into Harmony, balancing our Yin and Yang energies. It is calming and replenishing, like the sounds of a running brook.

Prosperity, spraying this around the body opens us to the sweet smell of success. Endless opportunities are waiting, be thankful and just breathe it in.

Our surroundings, the environment at work and at home has an influence on our lives. Do we have simple uncluttered homes and offices? Or are

things filling every corner? Both examples express our state of mind and either limit or expand our possibilities.

Stress Reduction Massage Kit | Inner Beauty Energy Facial Kit | Energy Massage Therapy Kit | Feng Shui Kit

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